Enhancing diversity in culture and faith
Mission Statement - in brief 
To contribute to greater appreciation of the contribution all Cardiff's religious communities make to the life and welfare of the city, through research, publication and stimulating public debate.


This project was born from the desire of some religious communities and their adherents

to have their social contribution better valued and recognised.
Traditional organised religion may interest fewer people in secular Western society nowadays,  

yet its very persistence and demands can seem problematic to those who do not share

religious values, assumptions and behaviour, and act as if religion was of no importance.
This research is not concerned with religious truth claims, but with the risk that there is

a 'democratic deficit'  arising from the estrangement which some communities and their members

feel in civil society. This experience is shared by people across the boundaries of faith and culture.
It finds expression in different ways, and is worth recording as a sign of our times.

By gathering data and stories that explore relations between communities of faith and public institutions,  

this project seeks to inform public debate about the value of the contribution religious believers make to social well being and commonwealth, with no political objective or desire for power in mind, but rather out of concern for justice, harmony, and social inclusion in a divided world.

Its unique objective is to promote and encourage citizens in all their diversity to live and

work together with all their differences for the common good.